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It's been 5 months since I last wrote.
I keep going back & forth between if I want to blog or not.
I think I will to kind of have something to look back to when I want to remember something fun in my life. It's easier to write in then a journal (plus that's a place where thoughts I don't necessarily want people to know about are in). So I'm gonna try it again.

June Update:
It's funny to think that I can't even remember what we did in June. This is what I do remember:
I worked with Alec & Garrett.

Luke & I went to the nicest, most expensive restaurant in Marysville for our 3 yr. Anniv. Of course, we had a gift certificate but Luke splurged for the most inexpensive wine. =) We enjoyed our fancy & delicious meal along with an appetizer (ONE crab cake) & dessert (cheesecake). Before our dinner, I attempted to golf with Luke. He did a nice job & honestly was so patient w/ me & my lack of skill.

I played sand volleyball 2 nights a week & we both played in our church softball league. Actually, at one point, I'd like to say that I made the winning catch! Ha. I'd like to think so. But really, I did catch a few balls. You have no idea how big of a deal this is for me. Haha.

Dad was with us for the first 2 weeks of June. He got to see me play softball & we had some fun times together with Levi in the warm summer sun!

Towards the end of June, Luke's Aunt Liz & Uncle Tony came & visited us for the morning. We took pictures in front of the parsonage & kind of caught up on what we've been doing. It was nice that they stopped by & visited.

July Update:
Really we left for Fl June 29th after our softball game. We drove Dad's hot little yellow convertible through the night & arrived in FL about 1130am. I don't know how dad drives in that tiny vehicle! We're a lot shorter then him & we were struggling for space! You wouldn't believe how Luke packed the trunk of this Saturn Sky. He put all our luggage (clothes, shoes, bathroom stuff, beach stuff) AND 2 homemade Cornhole boards in the minimal space that was given.
1st part of FL-The Villages! It was really great. Dad gave us a tour of the large, gated "village", took us to some yummy restaurants (seafood), & even took us out for a night of music (twice!) & summery drinks. It really was enjoyable & I know how proud Dad was of his new place of residence. Now he is very involved in all the activities that the Villages has to offer. Luke golfed his heart out on the $5 all you can golf courses. luke & i even played on a professional golfer's course! arnold palmer. we really had a nice time.
2nd part of FL-New Smyrna Beach w/ the Streeters & Dad-Luke isn't one for laying on the beach doing nothing...but I am. Give me some sunscreen (if i'm smart) & a book & I'm all set! Basically, that's what we did here. I got to play with my nieces & nephews, which I always love. We all played corn hole together (even Jake-he's awesome at it) & horseshoes on the beach. We ate Rock Shrimp & clams & other random seafood pieces (alligator!) at J.B.'s Fish Camp (a place we've been going to since I was 9?). Another neat part about this stay at our time share was that Grandma Schaaf (my mom's mom) & my Aunt Gail, cousin Elizabeth & 2nd cousin Xia came to visit. Really loved seeing all of them too.

OK, gotta finish later. Took me all day at work to post this (a little here little there)

It's been 3 weeks, but I'm back.

busy month of May, yikes.

It's been unpacking boxes for Dad & me who tried to help when & where I could.
It's been crazy, but this past weekend went suprisingly well. My whole family was there, siblings, aunt/uncle cousin & dad. We looked through ALMOST everything, I couldn't believe it. We didn't fight over any items that we treasured. I was again, suprised. Also, we had time to visit & play cornhole & drink summer brew. I loved playing with my nieces & nephews. The other big thing that happened this past weekend is that Joshua, my nephew, & now Godchild, was Baptized. I am very proud & honored to be his Godparent. We got to celebrate that too.
So the weekend-success! Now Dad & I are preparing for the Moving Sale next week. Plus putting things on Craiglist etc. Getting organized for the Sale is the biggest part though. June 4-6th!
Some other things that have been going on:
Luke played at Little Tony's again on May 9th & will play again on May 30th.
I joined 2 sand volleyball leagues on Tues & Wed nights. That makes me happy, because I miss playing. the first league i'm on w/ friends & the second league i'm w/ strangers, but they are all nice so far!
My friend's husband graduated from Boot Camp for the Army-please pray for him & her because they have been apart since Feb. & will be until Sept. at least.
We practiced for the new softball league we're in-I really stink at it, but I'm getting slightly better each time I play...I hope.
Luke hosted the St. John's athletic banquet. It was really great & well put together. I had to give a speech for my 7/8 gr. volleyball team & got through it ok! We had an awesome season (Undefeated in league, League Tourney champs, and ohio lutheran tourney champs!) Just had to add in our victories there. luke had to talk throughout the whole thing & i'm worried about one little speech! he had a lot more pressure on him than me!
Luke surprised me while my family was here w/ a Buster Bar cake & singing happy birthday. he knew that would make me happy to do that while my whole fam was there. it was very sweet.

ok that's all for now! gotta go!